Help With Travel Plans

・Find airline tickets

  I will propose the best flights that meet your request.

・Plan an itinerary

  I will make a travel plan for those who wish to visit places which are not typically included in tours, or those who wish to experience something different.

・Find accommodation

  I will propose the best accommodation that meets your request.

・Accompany you to places in Itoshima or Fukuoka

  I will go with you to any places you’d like to visit in Itoshima or Fukuoka and provide language support. (English and Spanish available.)

Who could find this service useful?

・Someone who would like to make an individual travel plan, but doesn’t have much time or doesn’t know where to start.

・Someone who would like to visit Fukuoka or Itoshima, but is worried because of not understanding Japanese very well. (English and Spanish available.)

*Please feel free to contact me through the form below to learn more about the service and pricing.